Most Guys Are Losers


College student Sandy's new boyfriend meets all the criteria for a good partner according to her dad's best-selling dating handbook titled "Most Guys are Losers". However, when she brings him home to Chicago for Thanksgiving, her father thinks he knows better. His well-intentioned investigation into the new beau soon leads to awkward misunderstandings, spilled secrets and heartwarming moments.

Release Date Oct. 24, 2020
Casts Grace Caroline Currey, Mira Sorvino, Andy Buckley, Michael Provost, Keith David, Belmont Cameli, Aiden Berzins, Avery Moss, Ace Rosas, Talen Marshall, Sander Thomas, Paul Sorvino, Sarah West, Kayla Forde, Nick Greco, Reeve Alexander, Vlada Dmitrieva, Cameron DeFaria, Rose Marziale, Kevin Miles, Javier Diaz, Jolyne Lowery, Steve Sobel, Maryelizabeth O'Donnell, Garrett C. Phillips, Molly Fay, Tiffany Ogle, Mallory Mullins, Eliza Stoughton, Mark T. Campbell, Jennifer Haley, Tim Musachio, Dee Dee Sorvino, Marita de Lara,
Director Eric Ustian,
Writer Eric Ustian (Screenplay),
Genre Comedy, Drama,
TMDb Rating 6

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